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You Deserve A Break!

You deserve a break.  Yes, you!  

Now don't get this twisted for laziness or the desire to not WANT to do anything.  Breaks can still be immensely productive, especially when working on self growth!  I know plenty of fellow artists, business owners and entrepreneurs who get so bombarded over the holidays.  Honestly, it's really difficult juggling holiday orders, creating inventory, running a booth at craft shows, family time, traveling and if you're like me, getting MARRIED!  I can push through and tackle the million item check lists from October-December because I know the first week or two of January are for ME.

Usually everyone is ready to start living their best lives right on January 1st- and that's AWESOME!  But I'm just not on that train.  I spend my first week or two of the New Year reflecting on the previous year, planning products and events for the future year, working on a bunch of personal development, and spending time with my new husband (and of course enjoying all of the snuggles with our pup, Kal). 

I usually like to spend these days screen free (but we all know how difficult that can be!)  So I like to limit myself to productive screen time, like checking out other entrepreneurs blogs, pages and websites to gather inspiration and a little insight on their success. Some of my absolute FAVORITES are:

Amber Kemp-Gerstel from Damask Love (she was on NBC's Making It!) 

Jessica Carey from The Hook Nook (so much inspiration from her beautiful crochet patterns and creating a maker page called The Hook Nook Life)

Toni L. from TL Yarn Crafts (I've crocheted SO many of her amazing garment patterns and had a complete fan girl moment when I met her at Ohio Maker Mart when were were both vendors for the Holiday Market this past December..)

Megan Shaimes from Megmade with Love (not only is her business name so clever, but her blog and crochet collections are so inspiring!)

Last but certainly not least, Rachel Misner from EvelynAndPeter Crochet (she's another designer I have created heaps of crochet projects from- including my recent favorite, the Kodiak Bomber jacket!! Seriously, if you're searching for the perfect quick jacket to make and cozy up in all winter long, look no further!)


Now that I am back on the grid with clear and focused mindset, I'm ready to manifest and start 2019!

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